The Adorable Kasloski Family, and The Importance of Wardrobe!

One of my favorite families to work with, the Kasloski family, got in front of my lens again this year for their holiday family pictures!  I helped Stephanie with wardrobe and decided to blog about it because it's such an important subject when planning your photography session, and also because they are too adorable not to share!  This session was shot at Lakes Regional Park, a lovely park in Fort Myers, Florida.  Lakes Park has so much variety, it's one of my favorite locations! 

I really enjoy when clients trust my vision and style as a photographer.  Stephanie and Chad followed all my cues and Noah and Ella were just the cutest little hams!!!  It's so important to work with a photographer you trust and whose work you absolutely love!  When you trust your photographer and let them do what they do best it will pay off with amazing images that you will love and cherish!   

The image above is the inspiration image I sent Stephanie for their wardrobe (we ended up switching out Noah's overalls.)  I don't claim to be a personal stylist lol!  But as a photographer, I do have an eye for what will work and look best in front of the camera!  Wardrobe seriously makes such a HUGE difference in the outcome of your images and it doesn't HAVE to be extremely expensive or overwhelming.  Old Navy, Target, Amazon, to name a few, have adorable and affordable wardrobe options for you and your family that will have you looking and feeling amazing.  Also, try a shop like Jule (They are local! *lets out a happy squeal!) that offers amazing, photographer approved wardrobe for your session! Visit to place your order!  If you need help, are overwhelmed, maybe don't even know where to start, seriously I'm here to help!!!  It's all a part of my job!  I can not tell you how saddened and honestly, baffled I am when I see people asking on social media for help with wardrobe or location suggestions and genuinely not knowing even where to begin, these are all things your photographer should be assisting you with.  :( But anyway enough of my ramblings, enjoy some of the cuteness from the Kasloski family session below!