Beach Portrait Session Summer Special

Hello everyone!  So summer vacation 2k17 has officially begun today and I wanted to make a quick blog post about the special we will be having this Summer!  So firstly a little back story on why I decided to do this, trust me it's nothing magical or amazing, but I like to talk a little! So normally, and secretly, I somewhat hate the beach (HAHA!) I love it aesthetically, and we are blessed to have some amazing beaches here in Southwest Florida! However,  I don't love the feeling of sand in my pants! Lol . Recently we took a trip to the beach to take some milestones images of our 11-month-old chunkster.  We made an impromptu evening beach trip of it and oh my gosh!  I loved it!  I have avoided the beach for a while now aside from photo sessions and when I stepped in the water I was like why do I hate this again?!  So we went back two days later at noon and I enjoyed myself all over again, I remembered how amazing and beautiful our beaches are and so there, right THERE was my Aha! moment.  So there you have it I realized I actually do love the beach and so I decided to offer a beach portrait session special!  I told you it wasn't anything magical! Lol So starting June through August we will be offering 25% off Beach Portrait Sessions.  Tell your neighbor, tell your friend, come one, come all, and join me for some fun in the sun!!!